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It’s that voice the prodigal son has returned mr.
gates the three of us the three of us were out west uh that’s uh that’s the Mount from the last gig there should be enough in there to cover whatever you were you thinking Gleneagle what you think you’re gonna do your cons that’s ex-con ex-cons sorry son Shane but the.

World’s not going to see you like that like an ex-con I just want a second shot with me and my boy that’s just heartbreaking but what you all.

Need ain’t gonna fit in that bag forget this I understand we just.

Don’t want you to bless you mr.

gates we appreciate everything you’ve done we’re grateful you’re grateful we’ve changed changed you want out hey.

Other things that we’ve seen and we’ve done together oh no there’s no gain oh let me tell those story there’s a kegger on Scotland my.

Old man used to preach Ekans one night when he was on as usual bender I had this noise coming from the henhouse I know.

With a hand in his mouth it’s a raised up I ain’t field the harder mistakes oh he was there I can’t pull the trigger Kendu so next day daddy’d yep it’s stand.

And win for me with a little strapped he.

Beat me without paying for the narrow so they are not me when the Fox.

Came back hold up the coop and I lay a man and.

He killed everyone at him chickens and that was the last folks ever well we he’s me skates please okay.

Clean slate okay I did what you asked us to do place.

Slight don’t see you know wondering why you’re still alive aren’t ya I got one more job for.

You never oh I think you will dad stop stop whoa Little League you do this job for me you and a boy get to lift my boy has nothing.

To do with this well that’s a game and the boy has to die.

For the sins of his father shoot him no no stop don’t do it yeah of course you well boy Parker we don’t have to do this you can drop the criminal charges and we can all just walk away what are you talking about Matt please what is this that’s the number of my clients prepared to see your client for you see he feels this number is necessary.

To ease the pain and suffering from the injuries.

He sustained from his fall you cracked me out see this is about the criminal charges of shoplifting against your client not some drummed up silliness you and I are just having a friendly discourse before we pass the point of no return I just.

Think you don’t want to go to trial cause you know you lose what’s.

Your win streak up to 39 Wow but the point I want.

To make is that my client slipped on a wet floor in one of your clients national electronic retail store KC he was stealing the TV it’s not.

Robbing if you never leave the store I’m not stealing this pen.

I’m merely holding it openly in your presence without any current objections from you the janitor will testify that he was running for the exit that’s intent yeah but Arctic cash registers right by the exit I think we’ll take our chances in court Parker what did the janitor say to my client immediately after the accident his first words.

Sorry I’m sorry I forgot the sign the big yellow.

Warning sign that never left his car now an employee of your client apologized to my client moments after the incident and he knew that he had duty of care to place that sign out so customers would know that that floor was wet now I suggest you drop those charges before this becomes an actual lawsuit like I said.

We can all just walk away oh don’t forget this have a good day Parker before you go and thank me don’t and do you any favors I was assigned to you.

Because you didn’t have a lawyer I did what was my legal responsibilities everyone’s entitled to a vigorous defense but let’s get one thing straight here polo if you end up back in court again I am NOT gonna be here to save your sorry tail nope don’t even think about suing a second chance is worth a lot more than money I go on get after 10 years I would have at least I would.

Have changed the locks brew you know you always did have a knack for being one step ahead of me my brothers in trouble he’s always in trouble not like this what’s J gotten himself into this time it’s murder murder who’d he go and kill District Attorney Dai your brother’s at the big town babe the arraignments on Monday back in Cherokee Hills I don’t know.

Where else to go how’s your winning strike 39 well I’m glad her divorce wasn’t for nothing Brunell listen will you defend him or not yeah the best lawyer I know you want me to defend your brother the same brother that we’ve given a small fortune to the brother who we bailed out dropped off taken in and rescued more times in it than a dog’s head please yeah you remember the.

Time he stayed over and stole my grandmother’s silver yeah yeah remember the time he took mr. Darcy look my list is longer than yours okay Casey but Jays family his whole life has been on a downhill roll are you really surprised that this is where he’s landed still wearing your watch I remember buying it for you stop working a year ago hmm so what’d you just get.

A new one some things are worth hanging on to besides I’d rather get it fixed well you may look different but you haven’t.

Changed a lick still too busy through what good’s a winning streak if you’re not willing to risk it Thank You Casey babbles eggs ain’t gonna get you anything for lights out well I got the sands of time I got Jonah in the way crime and punishment he took 8 so I did everything he asked right I did everything that he asked well then you just keep on playing the game and then ain’t part of the deal you got God now you don’t.

Talk to no lawyers don’t date or title your sister you know we’ll know if you do if you do well you know what I’m gonna have to do which kid where’s my boy where is that boy safe like.

A little bird in the hand feel like one hands on that boy everyone in know rip you’re gonna rip my what are you doing do go on hunger strike gonna write the lawyers don’t speak to the governor do you know we know that you got an outside pinch-hitter.

Coming in your brother-in-law I’ve always hated lawyers please please.

Just give me a half a reason to hurt him sleep sweet books babbles hands books you look lost no just calibrating looking for the courtroom where they’re holding the Chamber’s case then wing right just one in a special prosecutor Oh KC McKay defense counsel did they bring you in from another County no brought me in from a time and I was fishing in the Ozark really yeah yep then he brought in judge thorne from two counties over for the case – good luck.

With that courtrooms upstairs I’ve always it’s a thing of beauty and windows are the original panes seats were refurbished from the original bleachers of Fenway Park go figure I’m glad to run. win right please bins easier been thinking that before I met with my client here he’s kidding he is by association he just sort of came with the ex-wife so what’s your favor to her I was.

Hoping to test the waters on a plea deal 25 mm-hmm 40 be out in 20 hmm plead guilty to trespass and then and Karen an illegal firearm you looking for a leg to stand on don’t you care that justice is done at all well that’s why I’m here everyone’s.

Innocent until proven guilty and as far as I’m concerned.

He’s already standing by Mr.

McKay call me old-fashioned but I think we ought to let truth decide of this case your brother-in-law just graduated from there to well to public enemy number one so no sir there will be no plea deal not for murder one not for Henry Patrick Jenkins a late district attorney and certainly not for the likes of J chambers a man known to throw bricks at cars from the overpass y’all have an overpass oh hey I’m gonna need that I’m gonna have to take notes.

No he’s a murder suspect I’m not gonna doodle me to death sorry judges workers Jay I still get you to do pretty much.

Wants here to save the day how about we start with saving your life you always were though least favorite of.

Pru’s husbands well considering she only had one I’ll take that as a compliment so what’s the deal Jay no haven’t you heard I mean I I killed somebody yeah that’s.

What I’ve heard I also heard that somebody crept into the courthouse wearing a mask and killed the DA Andrew Patrick Jenkins that they’ve confirmed your fingerprints on the gun and your boot prints on the floor but the thing that really made the executioner smile extra-wide is the fact that they nabbed you fleeing the scene of the.

Crime with all the aforementioned on your person what what do you want for me how about you start by elaborating I.

Can’t J what are you doing I remember used to like puzzles right read this paper there’s good one there for you all rise the Honorable Judge thorn.

Beside the state of Georgia versus Steven J chambers counselor your clients been charged with first-degree murder how do you.

Plead not guilty your honor we’re not gonna have a leg to stand down excuse me counselor do we need to take a recess while you and your.

Client discuss how you’d like to plead no your honor not guilty your honor awesome like that motion for a change of venue don’t what grounds several your honor so it’s yes rather not have the jury sitting in the shadow of the crime scene your honor the crime scene.

Is what it is whether your client committed the murder or not Mr McKay your honor okay there’s been more bloodshed within the shadow of that jury bucks then you care to.

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