You Can Now Make Free Voice Calls Using Alexa

Anyone with access to Alexa can now make free voice calls and send messages to anyone else with access to Alexa. This not only goes for people with Echo speakers, but also people who have the Alexa app installed on their phone. Which opens the option up to anyone on Android or on iOS.

Amazon has slowly but surely been increasing the range of skills Alexa has at her disposal. Alexa can now shop on Amazon, read recipes out loud, order takeout, and even give medical advice. All of which are incredibly useful skills. However, her latest trick may be her best yet.

Amazon Calling & Messaging

Alexa now has the ability to make voice calls and send messages to anyone else with Alexa installed on one or more devices. Amazon announced voice calls alongside the Echo Show, and the update should now be available. Just update Alexa, then sign back into your Amazon account.

To make a voice calls or send a message you’ll have to give Amazon access to your contacts and confirm your phone number. You can then initiate voice calls or send messages either from the Alexa app or via an Echo speaker. Just say, “Alexa, call [person]” or “Alexa, message [person]”.

The new Echo Show will also be able to make video calls. However, seeing as Amazon’s latest Echo device isn’t even shipping until the end of June that isn’t currently possible. Unlike voice calling, as plenty of people already own an Echo speaker and/or have the Alexa app installed.

If you’re unclear on the details Amazon has a whole page dedicated to Alexa Calling & Messaging.

Embracing the Amazon Ecosystem

Allowing users to make free voice calls and send free messages means Amazon is pushing into yet another area of technology. The overall aim being to increase our reliance on its ecosystem. It’s working too, as anyone with Amazon Prime will attest. The only question is, what’s next?

Do you use Alexa? If so, what do you use it for? Do you have Alexa installed on your phone? Or do you also own an Echo speaker? Can you see yourself making voice calls to other Echo owners? What do you think of the Echo Show? Please let us know in the comments below!

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