New Adventure Game Mode And Weapons Test Server — Crossout

G live from the test server we’re going to talk about the latest dev blog which is going to be talking about the new open world map coming up and some of the new weapons that you can be able to get with that so we’re able to sneak into the Crossout test server and these weapons.

Are only showing up in market so this is all I’m actually able to see big THANK YOU to chromic $9.
99 for the heads up so just to give you a heads up what’s gonna be happening is.

There’s gonna be some new game modes and this big open world map called blood Rox and there’s gonna be three types of missions in which you’re gonna earn special currency called engrave shells that special currency is going to allow you to use a special engineer workbench to craft these machine guns it’s gonna be unique machine guns so similar to the night rider’s event.

This one’s called the m39 imp now looking at from the dev blog these look like upgrades from the piercer so we can expect short range.

And super high rate fire so that’s the first one the m39 and the second one we’re going to look.

For is the m38 which is gonna be this guy right here so this one’s a little bit a little bit smaller or they I’m 38 fidgets now these actually look reversed to the way they’re.

Labeled on the cross that dev blog you can take a peek there so this.

One’s shown up as an epoch where the M 39 which makes more sense that the 39 would be more powerful.

Than the 38 so it looks like maybe they have that backwards in the dev blog because you can see this one is a legendary so we got ourselves a legendary machine gun there okay so it looks like they pulled the Pioneer pack which has some of those parts off the test server it was up earlier today but thank you girl mech for the tip on this we can jump into the engineer CNC machine which is the engineer relic crafting bench and you.

Can see here is going to be the engraved casings currency and we can see some of.

The things that you can be able to make so there’s a piercer you get the sticker the vulture and get a sticker the pincushion was a little porcupine there we got the m38 fidget.

Like ice like it’s gonna be for Steppenwolf’s little twin turret machine gun obviously they don’t have the.

Yet but you saw that on the other video.

And this the exhaust here the Winnett oh it’s gonna be showing up the chinga I don’t even want to know how to say that stabbing weapons another sticker and.
You got the big score here and then the big.

One m39 and legendary a machine gun along with the other weapon so we’re not seen a relic machine gun but we are looking at a legendary machine gun you guys want the latest from the test server you know you can get it.
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