Alice's Adventures In Wonderland Coloring Book Review – Charles Santore

I’d say from coloring clean air and today I’ve got Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland it’s a coloring book obviously the story by Lewis Carroll and the illustrations are by child Center which is he’s in a very well-known in Australia of children’s books and he’s done quite a few of these already you might have seen my Peter Rabbit one now.

It is oversized so it’s a bit bigger than a normal coloring book that you might be used to so just a little bit bigger there but thinner.

Now the illustrations are grayscale we’ve got the gorgeous colored thumbnails they’ve all got a lovely vintage feel to them lovely little title cottage now the story is on the left it’s an abridged version and.

Then the illustration on the right so we’ve got our lovely Alice nothing to do without pictures or conversations she obviously has not seen all my coloring books then we’ve got the gorgeous white rabbit and I love the soft texture here.
Of the grass and the background it’s just divine now the papers are smooth.

White that’s a light to medium would pop a piece of paper behind her if you’re colouring the picture in that look how much detail there is on here and it’s like a pencil appearance to a lot of the illustrations this one’s far more.

Refined in the textures and the greyscale and then something like the one that we see oh yeah bit more pencil.

II and a bit more hand-drawn feel to it amazing there’s so much character in all of these faces.

I like the different sizes so summer for bass eyes and some sort of half size this is what I call a keepsake book sort of the book that makes you wish you had children and or grandchildren or nieces or nephews that weren’t you know already adults themselves that.

You could give it to them maybe color or a couple of pictures and give it to them as a gift you know but following that I just will be the big kid in me and continue to collect all.

Right Alice in Wonderland books now look.

At this chair you care look at this work on it isn’t he beautiful I’d love a cat like that in real life little things on it so he just packs so much.

Detailing to these pictures so much expression I don’t know which picture is my favorite probably one with the white rabbit in it off with his head – so much texture in these backgrounds if you’re not used to color in grayscale generally what you do is you just start with your darkest color where it’s dark on the picture and your lightest color in that color family where it’s the lightest.

And color in between to blend the two together it doesn’t have to be in the same color family but.

Something that obviously will blend together or look well together so much dude huh are they gorgeous I really must sit down and read the whole of Alice in Wonderland again though this bitch it looks kind of out of place it’s not quite as grayscale as the rest and it’s borderline there’s greyscale in the weak etc but it’s more line work than the other illustrations that we’ve seen and obviously a lot smaller these little animals are just adorable the way he’s captured them mid-flight like that it’s just amazing those action.

Pictures there’s any gorgeous I think this is a stunning picture you must expect it to be in one of my Japanese or Korean coloring books it looks like she’s got pierced ears and then at the end we’ve got another series of colored thumbnails so super cute so there we have it the latest from Charles.

To Alice’s ventures in Wonderland until next time happy calorie.


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