Ftb Sky Adventures – 004 – Stone Henge? I Did Give That Stone Back

Right so I’ve done a little bit of work as you can see I’ve put a safety fence all the way around the base because every time I come over here I keep shooting forward because concrete and I’m scared of jumping off the edge what else have I done I’ve made the stone barrel put that on the mycelium put.

Water in we’ve now got which water I’m going to tidy all this back up I can block all this in now we’ve got lava we got water.

Got everything made various blocks of like the diamond and coal and stuff like that put me first a lot of EMC in there which I got from here this is working quite well it’s only been a couple of hours so I had.

Roughly including that two stacks which isn’t too bad stick that in there cool as you can see I’ve expanded this added four new barrels set all the filters up so this.

Is working added two filters on here one for the dust and one for the clay just to make sure nothing I go wrong there and I’ve also set it to round-robin so that each of these fills up in turn just to let it run a little bit smoother as.

You can see this it picks randomly from wherever and it won’t fill up again until one of these slots is empty but in order to quickly fill it all back up again.

If you do that see it all starts filling back up to maximum so yeah that’s just a little thing to be aware of but as soon as one of these stacks hits zero it will all start filling back up again it’s just a little bit funky.

About how it works there so it’s nothing – nothing to worry about the system still works look you can.

See it all work in here the only bottleneck is this pipe in order to make the upgraded version under IO fluid we need to make the pressurized one but we.

Need quartz and I can’t remember let’s have a quick look before I could remember offhand but I couldn’t so quotes you get from soul saying so sound you get from the witch water.

Said we could do that right now we get sand there.

We go got Southend excellent so we can learn that stick that in there so Oh thanks of that go off pull it back so that day doo-doo-doo what was so that’s in a flint stiffened.

Mesh to get skorts and I also won glowstone so we can upgrade the pipes those fluid pipes come past it okay which is dust through stiffened mesh so hopefully I can get at least those two that.

I got I don’t feel I got a sky stone or that yet so that’s where we are at the moment I haven’t done anything else get some more that’s more which water go in with 832 so if we just do bucket I guess another 700 petty but nevermind so yeah I need to fill in all these holes do a bit of work I might go fishing again.

But I’ll try and I’ll come back when we’ve got some courts and some diamonds not diamond quartz enclose down I figured I’m not wrong first up that’s the wrong one we’re supposed to go through there I think you you you you you you oh so we got glowstone got sky.

Got that office we got one of everything excellent do-do-do-do-do get rid of that carry on to get some more of that so we can make the bar of it.

And let’s get this going okay so we’ve got never wore them I think I’m using the wrong mesh actually well let’s have a quick look as far as its Civ isn’t it yep black quartz from sand Chris moraine so sound through Dimond we’ll try you can.

Get Cobo how’d you get never work I’ll redstone in lava okay let’s get some of this done.

Then so we want some redstone in Slava we’re going oh my so do that hang on that should be in come out learn that that’s get that I lost earlier yeah pop that in there there we go got some netherrack so we can learn that welcome to turn that into smell it into no brick down to crushed okay so if we quickly do that quickly get a hammer okay oh you can’t oh okay you can’t learn that one bye stick that backpack.
Way and we’ll carry on with the South’s and I think it’s.

Supposed to be stiffened mesh so.

One two we’ll have row of each fucka is right Boop so the quartz was from yeah Flint stiffened mesh or that’s iron stiffened mesh Emmet you you right give that get rid of.

That you look Boop okay let’s try this again seven guess four quarts you yes we got some courts look at excellent so we’ve learnt that so we don’t need those anymore you get some glowstone and some lava I believe this is how you make n stone excellent what else can we use n stone for so on proper in stone softly we can crush it yes that’s that’s.

How to get it what’s the uses just.

Break it down into crushed get high so let’s get a load of crush this is not what I had planned at all I thought I didn’t really have anything planned so if we do that and get.

I just thought we might as well go through and get there get all the base materials that we’re going to use.

Go so that should give me and stone excellent pop that way and let’s forgot the thing already string mesh string mesh oh that’s quick like tonight in there can’t learn crash I might as well just crush all up sort it.

You can’t learn it sweet that’s done got rid of that squeeze which waterfall I’ve got that is that literally it we can’t use it for anything else from changing mobs.

Over obviously but I haven’t gotten Bob farm yet so take that or you can’t learn that either okay hello look at that for Donald manish let’s get some dust I will carry on for the diamond mesh we’ll get some more yellow.

Right you never know you might want to make a nuclear reactor later oh sweet God blaze powder too excellent so we’ve got pretty much everything we can out there see if we can make those n de Rio type things the upgraded fluid pipes so how to make used those registered.

On one not the colored ones let’s and light and that’s dark always have trouble finding these recipes well it just give you the number one so it’s courts and glowstone quotes glowstone in a smeltery smoke smell oops No you oh hang on so what what was I looking at you don’t you need for how.

I see oh and it’s got no power after idiot I wonder why nothing was happening take that there we go come on hurry up I suppose it’s going to make silicon a bit Oh No oh okay.

That’s obviously doing something I put all the quartz in there get a look there and we’ll stick that in there make some silicon up excellent and probably need that for refined storage later there’s a couple more.

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