Last Epoch – Alpha – Getting Ready For An Update ?????

In a world searching for gaming knowledge comes to man the myth a legend in his own mind radical welcome back guys and gal is critical here today I’m bringing episode of the last epoch and I’m back on my mage my ice mage now I do feel the need the pool or started another character but I need to get.

This character up through the surface and there’s a particular reason for that so let’s get to the upper district.

We’ll start talking about it today Leroy was did a stream on Twitch testing out some of the new upcoming.3 update and it’s been talked about on the discord and what I saw in the footage was that it looks like we’re going to get part of and I do say part of the next chapter in this upcoming update and.

That’s interesting I don’t make sure what else had changed but the gameplay looks pretty good I mean the graphics are with some graphical improvements that I.

Saw so I’m thinking that this is going to be a is an update and it’s gonna get us some new content which of course always gets me excited especially would you do a video um yeah I’m gonna take that definitely better than what I’m wearing you see I’ve updated my skills a little bit spitting on me so.

I stopped spinning on me how dare thee know I really want to try some of the fire skills the fire tornado looks really awesome some of the and that ones video that that there special effects individual did it was awesome yeah I’ve got the desire but I need a character that’s ready for the next chapter whenever that update comes down.

I don’t know when the updates coming out don’t ask I don’t know but I want a character I can immediately.

Take and my closest character currently since I’ve deleted all my old characters is this mage so I figured you know what I need to get this maze ready.

My never do a video give you guys some insights on what I saw but yeah I would I mean the math looks good from.

When I saw the map looked pretty nice the artwork on it looked nice and.

I thought because there’s only up there for a second I couldn’t I you know wasn’t over recorded that was actually at work when I saw it and I wasn’t able to get a photograph of it or anything like that I was waiting I saw him had.

Pia’s brought it up and I took my camera out to get.

Ready to record it and he came up again and it never you know I was like oh.

Hey nice map and he never brought the map I don’t know if he did that on purpose or or what but yeah he never brought the map up again so I was like I think he figured.

Out what I was trying to do but I thought I saw four notes I don’t hold me to this this is nothing official but I think I saw four notes four or five notes so that’s part of chapter two and then it actually is like chapters if you go into the map there was a chapter 1 and then that I’ve got chapter 2 tab so you had different tabs which is interesting I.

Weren’t sure how they were gonna do it you know nice to know now love this spell I’m basically remaking my mime h9 character I wasn’t trying to do that but basically that’s what I’ve done it’s a little it’s.

Not perfectly right right now and I can’t respect our night normally well in the earlier like the free alpha free pre alpha I could respect where I could erase everything but I’m okay I’m still enjoying it I’m gonna keep going up I want to get to fall kenick orb and turn it into.

The ice volcanic orb to mesh with my current build no none of this is ready to go okay now I’ve got an extra explosion happening which is really nice that’s my ice war oh I need to move he’s starting to hit hard and he was getting ready.

To charge alright he’s gonna blow you up Center he spawned extras and I killed him instantly that was nice pick up the gold I said pick up the gold there we go come on where are you at now I’ve never seen the surface okay when I play this game I play this game with you guys when I’m doing.

A video when I’m trying something out it’s only the only time I play this game was when I’m playing with you guys so I haven’t done videos on.

The game for a while and letting them get work done on and stuff and there’s been a couple other alphas and betas coming out that have had to do some videos on so I haven’t done videos on this in a while so I’m missing out on what’s waiting for me out there and I’m not one for the arena the arena.

Is cool for for testing some stuff out or a level and quickly or that kind of stuff but it doesn’t interest me as content you know I don’t care about the leaderboard the leaderboard means nothing to me even if I was number one.
On it I really care less not just me that’s my playstyle.

Nothing against the game it’s just I’m not one for leaderboards never had man in any of the games that I played I’ve never been one for oh I need to I need to get up on the leaderboard because through everybody else’s Oh shattering stone noise now I do need to make the necromancer I got a fermenters and lit amulet necklace all right darn it to drop today when.

I was running out of order to stop okay I’ll stop I’ll stop – freeze it’s frosty time frosty time hammer time and I don’t think has increased a speed detection I’m not getting the drop so I want and then you start crafting some stuff but I need to start farming some stones and I’m hoping I’ll be able to do that here soon that’s right Adam oh my to damage it won’t get through my wart.
Barely got through my board was already after one.

Did I not get that portal or did i teleport into the wrong area probably me I probably teleported into the wrong area come on die already all right I’m gonna get I’m gonna portal back Robles I am definitely confused where I’m supposed to be going I’m I know I’ve been here so I am a little confused on where I was supposed to be all right come on these guys aren’t – if I take them from range just the raw ice barrage is awesome wait.

Until I can specialize in it and really make it awesome then I’m really gonna be in love yeah there’s a boss down here and I think May I think that’s what I did I think I stopped before going actually and I got this far who sceptre a frostbite chance to chill I prefer my 36th chance to increase freeze chance I think that’s more important to my build at least I’ve gotten to a bad point I gotta take care of these guys.

All right not so bad crawler of Rage fortunately this guy is not going to be difficult because I can freeze him and his little minions dog – yeah the the fries on that issue especially with this wine it’s just it’s almost almost any enemy that pops out I can freeze it now probably.

Not a major boss I don’t think the game is gonna allow me to free some major boss but beyond that I should be able to free stuff let’s see can I freeze you not yet come here oh there’s two of them I can freeze you with that but can I reach you ouch ouch.

No of course not we’re still frozen housing moving thank you to my ward though my ward is awesome there we go I got a freeze on him just.

Branch increase spell damage you know I might actually try to get that one you used to be able to use these without opening the crafting menu but I guess you can’t anymore let’s go ahead and see I have no shards I told you I deleted everything on purpose cuz I wanted to learn the game again from the beginning spell damage I don’t need the mini damage but I will take that one that spell damage on it and this one has elemental damage to better rings even though it’s gray it’s.

Actually a better ring for me this shows you I have not been looting enough I have not been grinding out my character enough these armor.

Guys are no problem whatsoever once again I’ve got a 36% better chance to freeze them I think that’s awesome all right where am I now this is the armory what’s open up the map armory lower district shelter so I can already get to the sheltered wood meaning all right I need to find a portal and and go to the sheltered wood right this is that yeah I’ve been in here and I did get past this area sorry guys I’m gonna leave.

You to it I’m just gonna move on I’m trying to follow won’t let me do that no problem come to me my.

Minions oh and a nice line all the way back that’s awesome come here let’s see that again.

The only problem is I’m out of mana but still that’s awesome America do that again every time that happens just extra damage Oh got a big boy on me stop we had a run for a second to get my mana back all right.

Come here come here and I get a freeze at the end awesome okay all right all right do some mana back please that’s why I carry a sheetal I need to have a good armor too if I’m gonna play a face a mage.

Crowd control oh man they’re still coming well portal back here in a second I know what I.

Did wrong oh no no no you need to stop Oh big boy he’s gonna slam all right.

That orders do enough damage for me to worry about I’ve got ward let’s get a little distance I wish and now if I just when I can specialize and you out thank you thank God for ward my ward was used up for that all right boss come here there we go oh yeah when I can specialize the snap freeze that’ll be.

Nice – all right let me portal back real quick cuz I was why I went to the lawn area all right shattered wood should it should be the one that were okay and I was here already so yeah.

I don’t know what I was doing sorry about that I was all discombobulated.

They’ve got me all excited for the new next update that’s must be what it is could be no other reason right other than I’m a complete idiot but we already knew that all.

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