Ultimate Red Dead Redemption 2 Unboxing

Hey what’s up guys we’re sure and today we’re just gonna be doing a quick unboxing of this package that rockstar sent me I think I know what it is because I open the box like this like I cut the the tape and got the FedEx thing out and I see a lot of red down there and that looks.
Like a Red Dead Redemption shirt and there’s a note so I’m kind of excited.

Actually cuz I’d never get nice things you know never so it’s like Christmas whenever I go backwards sorry like I was saying this is like Christmas because I I never really get anything from from like YouTube or companies you know other than like you know weird flex but okay you know anyways here we go.

Let’s get into this this is notes a I don’t know if it has.

Anything like specific on it oh look at that New York 1998 hit that like button if you were born in 1998.

In celebration outlets to see this here hi Katyn in celebration look at that look at that other.

Saying thanks for supporting the games Thank You Rockstar alright sorry about that my my phone just my phone my camera just died this is a phone actually yeah so my camera died anyways let’s jump into this here the first thing first couple things that I saw well the first thing was the letter thank you.

Again Rockstar you’re sweet I love you Leigh you make great games and we’re friends so it’s whatever so they sent me a shirt it’s actually a rockstar bread shirt which is amazing and this is just I think it just says New York yeah.

Its Rockstar Games New York 1980 1998 yeah 1998 sorry I I got a concussion so it’s short term memory loss a little bit here I forgot my bank in the other day a redemption shirt pardon me hold on to it don’t don’t mind that yeah redemptions bit redemption – shit redemption there we go so shirts out of the way you got some bubble wrap and that’s it I hope you guys enjoyed the video knows bubble wrap all right.

Am I gonna do uh-oh look at the stickers I just spit everywhere look at the sticker sorry okay gentle maybe isn’t Oh Oh.

No what is that is that an earring okay okay you rock stars get an extra man they sent me some earrings hold on can you this is almost like it’s my job almost great all right so am i.

Zoomed in here we know we’re not doomed in one of the first things I did get from them was this um.

Like mug yeah it’s like a mug like metal mug super-sick it’s like a camping mug so yeah I don’t know something like that.

So that’s I got that a while ago from them super nice I don’t think I’ve showed you guys that they sent it in this box with a couple of other things not sure what so let’s go over the stickers first.

Shit sorry I got stuck under my tripod so they’re good stickers for rock stars sticker right the air and I put that one in the air to look all.

Fancy another rock star sticker huh huh that’s cool I’m gonna stick those all over my walls what is this sawed-off shotgun but train metal earth can you guys tell me what these are because this is super heavy like it I think there are metal sheets and like you can build that train under these metal sheets I’m not 100% though.

The hell that’s like a mini what is that it’s that’s cool the sawed-off shotgun I’ve use that dude the game is so good honestly I’ve been playing Red Dead for probably like a couple days now and.

Oh wow my knees I’m sitting on my knees ouch all right.

I’m in mean kneel kneeling okay I got a pillow for my knees sweet so now what do we move on to more stickers the sticker sticker sticker I like that one actually that one’s my favorite so get ready to let me know down in the comments guys what’s your what’s your favorite thing in this care package is um I’ll show you guys mine first.

This is my favorite thing right here see if it’ll it’ll focus on that there are you not gonna focus there you go.

It’s a brass Zippo lighter and I saw somebody else get this package and I was like man I really want that that Zippo I was like I’m never gonna get it though cuz I don’t really ever get sent stuff from companies but okay it’s embarrassing there we go but Rockstar was like hey man we gonna hook.

You up big-time and I was like no way I didn’t even know they were sending me this honestly so I’m.

Just gonna gonna close that up cuz it’s such a nice box look at the detail on the box like Hopkins it’s like a cigarette package so sick I love I love my job I love this look at this thing what.

In the world made in the USA I wasn’t even made in the USA that’s amazing holy hi anyways it’s super heavy and it’s all engraved like you can see that there that’s all like textile engraving like it’s not that’s.

A sticker it’s actually engraved like it’s so so sick no there’s.

No no fluid in it but need light my lady you know yeah yeah I don’t know why I can do Zippo trucks am I like I used to be an old you know an old gangster or like.
The seventies maybe or something.

I’m gonna put that back in its.

Box I like keeping things in the box you know I’m weird so it’s the Zippo actually let me do it like this maybe here we go you got a whole table full of stuff here they.

Gave me this gat it’s pretty dope check it out huh ah shit hold on look at that sick right I’m just kidding that’s there for a prop to out to look good fuck up my pinkie stuck in the chamber I can think right so this is actually Oh what this is a collapsible shot.

Glass and is that a watch it’s a pocket watch I think okay at how does this open oh this way oh dude is this like a puzzle in itself like what I got it here we go sorry I’m a little little shaky here what feels like there’s something on the book oh shit it is it’s the watch come out okay or don’t no way hold on is it a pocket watch and it’s a collapsible glass it just looks.

Like a pocket watch have a how do you uncollapse it though oh shit I’ll break it fucking won’t break it what what is this hey.

You guys want a drink you poo just get my little uh that’s actually amazing what the hell I’ve never seen something like that before and you keep it all nice and clean in there too look hey look at that is it focus is too close it might have been too close to the camera that’s amazing good little rock star emblem there like like autofocus is on oh that’s how okay great okay moving on now I’m actually gonna close this box back up there we go okay so the next thing there’s two more things here.

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