Ravpower 28600mah Power Bank Review

The following video is not endorsed by Sun Valley tech hi everyone Louis here my latest review I’m here to review the ravpower 26800 M aah power bank the good folks at Sun Valley tech were nice enough to send me a replacement for the one that got accidentally damaged all I had to do was send the damage unit back.

To them and then they sent me a brand new one I used this charger when I’m out playing pokemon go traveling or in case of emergencies like power outages it has three USB ports the port for charging it comes with a pouch and two cords to charge it one short one and.

One long one I highly recommend this charger especially when playing pokemon go it helps a lot especially when you need to charge your phone or others who need to charge theirs if you like this video please hit the like button be sure to subscribe to my.

Channel and hit the bell for alerts of when I upload new content to the channel especially those with disabilities similar.

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