Riding In Wildfire Smoke On South Lake Tahoe's "luther Pass" | Mountain Biking Tahoe Rim Part 1

We’re gonna let you take that inverse I can’t because it’s just ridiculous I don’t know exactly where I am right now I just know I’m about an hour from South Lake Tahoe the GPS said this was the scene that graph so I’m gonna take that every time if I can even if it’s a little bit further but my.

Plans tomorrow not really having specific plans the only thing I have on my radar is to stop by over the edge in the.

Morning and see what shuttles they have going out you’re gonna be riding blind with me but I’m gonna give you.

The pointers or any tips or like just a random perspective for my first time South Lake.

Tahoe on a pretty classic ride so stick around just got dropped off by gray from over the edge today we’re going to be doing Luther Pass which is pretty much their favorite so.

I took their word for it for our ride ahead of us lots of climbing at first just about a two-hour climb and then it’s a one of the best down hills they have.

Here in South Lake Tahoe so strapped in so right out of the gate this is gonna be a long one uh that Yosemite fire smoke has creeped its way up here into Tahoe so got the elevation.

At 10,000 feet and this smokey inhale that’s already giving me a sore throat I’m not crazy I talk into the camera okay me my imaginary friends out here they see me about myself and I’m just talking like I’m group of people which I am you guys but you guys are in that little box to my chest this trail will be the bulk of the climb actually if they’re all.

Of it good about a two-hour climb left and let’s note my lungs hang in there cuz I’m already feeling.

My current sufferfest that I’m enduring right now on this climb this place is just beautiful I’m doing.

What I usually only do in SoCal sparingly which is trade the helmet in for a sweatband because it’s looking like a hell.

Of a climb and I don’t think I need this guy right now it’s super slow moving so I’m gonna give this sweat glands a break get a little bit more comfortable chill and just enjoy the climb onward and upward definitely pack accordingly I’ve got about freely three liters of.
Water I’m drinking like a fish fry to sandwich some.

Of those cliffs squirts coupl Larabars stingers rather have more than less even though you feel it in your pack a little bit but here be chomping down that.

Stuff so packs gonna get lighter as you go I’m looking towards the peak of this climb for my lunch spot I’ll get rid of that weight and.

Yeah man definitely bring some water mixing it up a little bit guilty little taste of some downhill it’s fun he did that oh don’t you worry.

The helmets back on I know you’re worried about me thanks guys who feels good all right well yeah believe I’m going right but it could be wrong check.

The map yeah Armstrong pass it’s gonna sound crazy but when I first started this line has actually worried this brutal man kind I got the blood going now lungs opened up second wind feel much better I was getting burnt out real quick just take your time take brace even up to five minutes it really helps as soon as I would get my lungs back it was like.

A Reese it was like a reset button I’d suggest short breaks a few minutes.

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