Lancer Plays Castlevania: The Lecarde Chronicles 2 – Part 19: Eye See You

Like maybe there’s a room with multiple sloggers or something like that or maybe a room at least closer to this same point now paper goods I don’t want no paper cut sir I’m writing on a book Oh 500 gold Oh trap statue oh we gotta fight a statue that summons little dudes well you got to beat it with.

With within them fine amount of time now looks like I know if we’re gonna make it in time oh we got it.

I assume if you don’t beat in time you die but I don’t really know part max extend nice.

Check out that bad boy and what those little things were malice like little flea men traps that you 4000 HP so that’s another like mid mini-boss dealio did they I don’t make.

Maybe that’s just supposed to intimidate you or something I don’t know oh boy can we make it over there hey you actually can’t climb this ladder I don’t think we can get.

Over there that’s the lamb maybe that means we’re gonna get the hot the jump boots or something there’s this castle of eternal night entrance hall the entrance hall is.

The first place visited when someone enters the castle obviously an imposing statue of Lucifer the fallen angel is placed at the center of the largest room.

Sometimes strange eyes hang from some doors do not face them while they are open oh okay I shall do my best castle eternal night Four Seasons Hall this place is fantastic even if it is a closed place you can feel the weather as if you are outside be careful the weather changes very quickly you should wear suitable.

Clothes I’ll keep that in mind die die die die die uplifting message the whole book is written with these words it is scary oh wow castle clockwork the castle is full of traps and mechanisms the castle clockwork is where they all are.

Controlled from that’s gonna be fun places you should avoid if you want to end your miserable life go into the death room it’s it’s a beautiful room with yellow curtains.

It contains everything for your preferred way to die think well before entering this place because you cannot leave it then oh wow so where’s this death room at I imagine we’ll be finding it sooner uh paper cuts SC we can’t even get up here so there’s got to.

Be like a high jump thing that will find a Vincent don’t knock me into the dagger dude come on now something okay we can’t seem to do anything else here until we get.

Some some better jump ability cuz we can’t get up here that’s socks man so it looks like.

We got to go back and try one of the other paths or we Matthew go somewhere else to get a new ability before we can go any further either way I want to go up there though but it won’t let me how give me some hearts.

Drop save so we don’t have to fight that mini-boss again not that it’s really that hard or.
Let’s not take a trip to the hardware store again oh boy luckily I.

Don’t think there’s any hardware stores here although there might be maybe we’ll fight a skeleton that throws hammers or our taxi with a screwdriver what was over here I don’t remember oh we ain’t been over yet okay.

Well then that’s probably where we need to go this it’s a shop Wow se you can buy clear clear waters for five four oh they heal all afflictions oh I want the battle mace but I don’t have enough and we can buy a large backpack for six thousand we.

Can’t buy anything they’re just like a brick I guess that’s like a vending machine and we just like push this down or something so there’s like a random shop in here like okay sure.

Why not but unfortunately we can’t do anything there right now we need money yeah and I don’t think we’d go in any further this way cuz there’s like a yellow door that we can’t seem to.

Open so ancient library and it’s so like there was like yeah you had to face away from a door or something mutters I’ve got fifty gold well.
There’s a star a million box ah.

Holdin skeletons yeah drop money I need money lots and lots of money now I want money lots and lots of money yes give me the cross back oh one shot one shot I like one shot.

Drop your item dude but what was over here I don’t even remember I think it.

Was just a dead end wasn’t it oh I just got disabled randomly one shot alright the the freaking teleport thing I’m guessing we need.

Some item to disable the seeing there’s this there’s this yellow door that we can’t seem to get past so I’m guessing we need to leave here and get some other ability it it said something.

Where there’s like eyeballs by a door or something I don’t see any eyeballs oh oh that one gay yeah okay.

Okay let’s see don’t want that man he won’t drop his mask I want the mask okay can I have the cross back now please I appreciate that I love them they died their skull just like splits open I guess no.

Big deal okay oh that thing oh it’s like playing uh oh.

Crap it’s like plan what’s it called I came to think of the game like red light green light that’s basically what it is no a dagger sucks I don’t want the frickin dagger on her Gold not bad give me my cross back sir take any bagger got it.

Okay oh there’s another red door do I want to go through it I don’t know it’s another one of these things it is horror gallery okay that sounds like a fun place a.

Happenin joint oh dear God is this something I don’t even know doesn’t look like it oh.

Oh god what was that what the hell’s that thing I think is creepy AF creepy AF we’d wanna know what that thing is but I must know oh hey here’s the golden skeleton huh whoo rare item recover the modern art that’s modern art okay we’re item high recovery so that’s modern art for you you definitely.

Want to use all along oh my god what is this I’m getting attacked by art how are we just shot me with something Oh Jew what the heck that’s like two skeletons stuck together I think Oh God depending it up that is not good oh no no no no do you have any potions I.

Do one I guess I’ll use it oh gee I do not like these things they’re not easy to hit they just like come right up there practically.

On top of you yeah give me another dagger that’s good isn’t gonna pop out at me save point would be nice oh god more our Oh brings out these dudes Oh God who’s this oh not a mid-boss now oh come on man Oh God that was not fair you can’t make me fight a mid-boss with practically no HP ridiculous I can’t do that.
On television oh right let’s try this again.

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