Bloons Adventure Time Td – Frozen Blades Full Adventure Walkthrough

I don’t know about this are we sure the balloons are even the bad guys get ready to eat my sword please I feel sorry for the balloons they’re getting so deflated sigh you’re just in time you again magic missed the perfect combination average nap what’s up okay max here I’m very busy ready to pop awesome all right now.

Show me the loom know about this are we sure the balloons are even the bad.

Guys this is the path to victory too bad you won’t be around to follow let’s get.

This party started next year okay.

Oh let’s do it let’s go alright alright this looks like a job for I’m listening starstruck let’s do this you pick the wrong team today I don’t know about this we sure the blue trees with the bad guys sorry for the balloons they’re gonna be so deflated let’s get this party started oh yeah let’s go all right what’s up okay let’s do this yeah all right okay great all right what’s up let’s do this already okay let’s do this ready to pop yeah-ha-ha bring it ready to pop all right bring it let’s do this.

What’s up Rick let’s go I ain’t played that feels great that felt good awesomer to the max yes oh yeah all right all right let’s do this bring it Oh I’m ready ok max here all right let’s go bring it bring it I’m ready okay all right let’s go this looks like a job I’m.
Listening alright what’s up are you a fan max here.

Yep let’s do this Oh ready ready to pop this better be good alright need a hero Hey ready max here are you a fan I’m listening yes bring it what’s up this better be good let’s go meet a hero welcome okay.

This better be good all right need a hero yes ready ready to pop what’s up.

Are you a bad break yeah I’m listening max here bring it by this better be good let’s.
Do this are you a fan starstruck let’s go..

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