Racing The Seven Passes (best Road Ever)

Good morning and welcome to the freezing cold Western Cape of South Africa it’s about 10 degrees and we’re feeling it we have 140 KS to do today and we’re going over Montague pasture which is a massive climb gravelly descent it’s gonna be awesome we also arrived the 7 passes which is one of the most amazing bits of course.

There is today in the rocky last year with spend I can’t wait to write it again so now we really are in the middle of nowhere.

I remember this last time we spent it was baking hot much more friendly conditions today and anything is gonna go over 20 nice pair of recovery for our bodies it.

Was getting a little bit extreme when inside here in the 50s the other day this is where we could get ambushed by a Cherokees wherever we go you guys follow us man it’s weird right so who’s gonna pour water on their head for the for the food stop you know like we’ve been doing every time already.

Done at once thanks what are you eating so now we’re making the approach towards one sip you passed she’s gonna get real.

You guys enjoying the time-lapse yeah I always love time lapses I just that’s very you every right you need to work I stopped in there time I just waited all right so you started the time lapse I understand Thomas it’s nice the video that here’s a bit ridiculous to be here for seven hours I mean six fine six and a half games you long.
7r addictive he’s on a ride I mean you.

Guys didn’t have to stop how jealous are you spend right now this is my favorite stage about but so good memories of the two of us battling but those days it was 160.

Kilometers yeah yeah Sean because we’re we’re we’re more hardcore can you remember some.

Of those corners coming down with it yeah four-wheel drifts and four-wheel well I think it was a bit smoother than when we did it all wheels was but it is it’s been cleared of area exactly you need to ask Jane is where the Jane Doe extra kilometers to give testing the screw on his birthday she did she.
Drove to get Jane drove 20 kilometers to give captain the screw.

On his booth yes it was it the right screw so we’ve got a police escort away.

Free George this is madness I quicker water and food stop now we’ve got the seven passes I think we’ve done one of them so maybe it’s six passes we’ve done two five passes some of it’s gravel some of its road and then downhill all the way home again so when I was here with spend spent last time we always went the wrong way because.

Can you see what that sign says cheesecake coffee good luck we must have only about 20 case to go but we’re looking up ahead dark skies I got caught in the rain at least but nearly there so I think the stage is supposed to be 140 Kay’s neither of.

Us have got computers on it feels like we’ve been riding for about 200 now Rahul takes out the big time longing for the point where he’s gonna be downhill all the way back if that’s actually true there’s a friendly face you’ve probably got 15 15 and 18 K s I think it’s two up towns or one up town oh yeah.

Clear as mud yeah simple I like the down what I mean third place but I mean second group on the road oh man that’s not bad considering keep stopping for foes yeah we started to film the time-lapse for seven hours yes I was still and third place mate Suzy’s coffee this morning yeah yeah I actually did and he gave me.

Some coffee from his cup which was different to the coffee in the machine yeah not just coffee Janos Slynt chocolate is that biochemistry lab yeah so now we’re just rolling into the beautiful seaside town of NIH’s now this is bringing back memories for me and it appears that we’ve written into third.

Place so all in all the good day just as we arrived the rain starts all right yeah your trousers are massive the old-school bell-bottoms style like the Druids dreads we all in Eisen and they are druids in Isner what knives Madrid’s live in these mountains meissner’s interesting like that coming don’t worry you’re gonna get smudged it’s just very bright for me Francis yeah there appears to be an alarm going off ruining our 10-second synopsis captain.

That noise about birds what is it noise what is that noise that’s we unless the generator is being powered by a thousand small.

Hamsters yes squeaking and running and turning yeah could be could be I know I don’t know anything what happened.

We no where were we last night yes I know we.

Stayed at draft head right yes so the the synopsis of the writer day we set off from the small game park with the ostrich in giraffe which was really nice down right next to the water so lovely breakfast fantastic ride today all gravel chef.

The road bits all downhill you know what we do there sort of gradual a gradual climb so is small gradients up that that valley I mean you must have loved it buddy and it was it was cracking.

Right and we hit Montagu pass over Montague Pass built in 1846 48 something like that and then over the top of Montague past great descend into George a police escort that was absolutely ridiculous by.

The local traffic place did you get that as well that was amazing sounds very.

Escort through the town sirens twos and blues tearing through there and then we hit the 7 passes a bit of a sting in the tail today so another thousand meters are climbing over the small.

Seven passes but we’ve got a done great tale in love the gravel roads all day everyone finished very happily we dropped in to nice and then here which nobody can spell across the inlet a funny little bridge and we’re in a wonderful campsite.

Which is a little school and tomorrow we’re doing a pump track which should be a hoot and that’s all for tonight.

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