Something Wanted Us Out!! Exploring Haunted Abandoned Apartment Building!!

What up everybody – boy D dog dogs here with another say adventure I’m here against my will please somebody call 9-1-1 literally got your boy Cody here he does not want to be here I’ve had in a sketchy-ass haunted apartment building this place is legit haunted it is super creepy in here before we’ve even started rolling just when.

I was setting up he heard rustling noises outside the apartment we’re gonna get into this let’s go yeah from the BART train to a tour bus stood the same damn except to pulling more sluts alright guys.

We’re in the first apartment right now it looks like the first bedroom here this entire apartment building is abandoned and it’s really really creepy if it’s right downtown in the city so you got really be careful what the lights this place this is the only apartment that doesn’t feel super sketchy apartment.

Yeah music oh yeah it gets worse worse especially as you get upstairs I want to see if I can hear anything creepy in here last time I was in here I was taking photos and I heard creepy noises everywhere listen that buzzing if you think you’re still powdering your chemical fire there’s a bit if we wanted to yes but you’re going to but.

We could all right just stand here and listen for a second turn the laser buzzing so that’s all they’re gonna hear yeah super sketchy hey guys this is the scariest place down here I’m hearing noises out here already just movie.

Posters everywhere nice guys the other.

Night that was here I did a live stream when I come I did a live stream and I caught so much through the ceiling it’s just cardboard all this huh there’s a car over there guys whoa look at that riff guys that’s the.

B whole riff on the floor oh it’s some guys staying probably from the roof yep that’s horrible this place is so scared no actually a few lifetime still a shower curtain hung.

Up alright guys we went back because I noticed over here we missed one of the apartments right number 201 Swain felony noise let’s just start happening again look guys this is why we gotta be super careful see.

All this traffic apartment building right there apartment building right there we gotta be super careful well that’s the exit we.

Can’t go that way yeah that would go to sorry alright guys that continue this adventure of.

It this place is really really creepy that was a car there but that these cars everywhere on that side yeah turn me like that what the hell was yeah I see something cool come down here this is pretty dope either you guys can tell this place has a little bit of power but all the power to the apartments are cut off but.

I noticed something this place does.

Have power I think the Pete the panels are just off so you could turn all the individual think these ones are on but well there’s got to be something that isn’t don’t worry guys I’m a trained electrician how it says off so he broke the locks off really found that we’re gonna close this guy’s and then we’re gonna listen for this Oh like this place last time I.

Was here I heard footsteps everywhere oh this room so I’m thinking it’s a truck down there guys.

You gotta be careful there’s still mats and stuff in this bathroom – I hate this trifle there’s a beer.

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