Assassin's Creed Odyssey Story Playthrough – Part 11 (alexios)

There you are thermopylae they say you can’t walk this battlefield without getting blood on your toes if you close your eyes you can hear them their final war cries before every last one of those brave Spartans perished their voices were silenced that they but their story will be son for an eternity you didn’t bring me here to talk.

About that Spartans what’s on your mind Ruth of those the Battle of Thermopylae still echoes in our hearts but to stand here is to feel.

It in your bones there is nothing here but ghosts my concerns are with the living hold out your spear my spear what for I need to know something you know those I’m fine I’m fine the stories are true that is the speed of the Oneidas the heroes played where will Sparta’s allies.

The Spartans weren’t alone in facing Xerxes and his hordes many from across the Greek world.

Were armed and ready to fight alongside Leonidas and his 300 but when the mighty King.

And Sophia he sent him home that sounds like madness not bravery it was foretold by the Pythia that Sparta would lose either its freedom or its kin to the Persians Leonidas made his choice what happened to Laney thus after the battle the sexist was famous for honoring warriors who fought valiantly against the Persians but Leonidas infuriated him so.

Much he cut off his head and impaled it on a pike a bloody battle ensued and his remains were reclaimed by the Spartans and buried here now however he rests where he belongs in Sparta what happened to the traitor Ephialtes King.

Xerxes paid him well but treachery breeds treachery a contract was put on his head and he died as he lived a coward you.

Knew this would happen I didn’t know but I did suspect there is a place I.

Convinced myself was a dream until now a peculiar structure on the island of Andros mysterious shapes carved in stone like nothing I’ve ever seen you want to sail to Andros so you can show me shapes in my Traverse I heard whispers of an ancient civilization a people who came before your spear and that place are connected you mentioned the people that.

Came before who were they they were not gods but they lived far longer than any mortal and were far more intelligent I’ve seen carvings in case strange symbols that.

Suggest it was this ancient civilization that created humankind and provided them with fire but Zeus blamed Prometheus yes well perhaps his eagle has been feasting on the wrong liver the spear awakened to you here or others I trust you you understand I will do.

Everything in my power to help you find your mother I promise but first we must sail to the island of Andros I’ll meet you at my ship welcome aboard the address PR in.

All of us you’ll be traveling with us only for a short trip I have business to attend to in Athens hero the dose is helping me find my mother seeking help from the.

Cards just like they put you on my days working way louder comprehension all we can do is follow them will be right Drago’s and.

I share enemies to like an inner.

His was part of a very powerful group called Dakota costs that controls the Greek world through the Oracle control the Oracle is possible Apollo would not allow.

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