Bedroom Renovation!! – Minecraft Aquatic Adventure! #20

Guys welcome back to aquatic adventure we are back from the end I am in my fancy gear SB he is in fancy gear as well because we got quite a lot of loot in the last episode but not your fancy nobody in there is it I don’t know I felt like my rubbish like rock trousers and hair and.

Everything Amber’s didn’t like Professor Oak’s buy any shiny fancy shiny jacket you idiot all right ray I know right I’m gonna go I think I’m gonna go for it now no wait I need to go for a fly whoa whoa.

I can go to the top of the lighthouse ah this is great I’m getting a bit jealous now I’m about to go to another NZ wait can you get more than one surely you can yeah and especially now we’re gonna like through a probl to find more as well okay we’re not doing that any Simpson we are gonna be spending some of these lovely levels espies got quite a few as.

Relevant unit you’ve got quite a few levels left I remember yeah I’ve got them three free food for a favori which is about 54 considering everything that I’ve been through yeah you you died in last episode didn’t you make it out of it oh it looks beautiful matte around here can I swoop down we a jealous hard wait till you die now go can you return the wings you can only do in.

The book like if you get like an.

Unbreaking book doesn’t okay so yeah today’s adventure as I said we are back home we’re gonna be using.

Some of the levels the last boss that we haven’t really defeat it is wither now how do we get the rhythm it tell everybody what we do you spend about 12 years killing women skeletons trying to get.

Women schools yeah and you eventually killed weather and yeah bit of a nightmare really yeah try to find the wither skulls is a little bit hard so we’re gonna spend some levels on the loot in sod and you should make it a little bit easier gives.

You a higher drop rate I think for the for the withers I think we we did have a look inside but he liked a few a few issues last.

Episode caused me to maybe possibly lose a few technical hitch right something zero drabble just don’t want to talk about it all right oh no what kind of night enchant Lee saying so odd anymore so you’ve already it’s got two on and ago yeah I need to get some box Donna you can’t just like yeah you need a doctor you guys it’s like a champ an enchanted book right and Joseph I’ve got a fresh so if you want inch on this one I want to add on to this one like I’m gonna come we.

Get debt stratified tomb smite mmm well I’ve got Luton on my way to get that up in one well I have lots of levels sorry having a fight out of honey 14 everything in my book so these these are these useful these are these being used these nothing other that’s just smash this that’s why all our books right yeah we’re.

Young we’ve got bookcase oh I got I got a chess play as well new chess play you know where that came from.

Right I’m gonna have to try and do this out this is probably to take a few millivolts up and get stratify time we have to go for the like the low ones out let’s just go for like four tune what happens.

If you put this in what’s walking with the sword and put the.

Saudi and I get shot this fire X aspect and sharpness horribly so there will not even I keep going for the low ones he keeps picking it up okay check all the books we’ve got a little pokeballs oh yeah pokedex is as well.

Okay fire blast protection lure 5g God these are all rubbish let’s just make some sorts how many still make five okay I’ve made about twenty you just got to do all these Gavin you’re the one with loss not max my ready I made 27 max there you go so if you can’t do it like if it’s a bad jump and just do like the first one that I’m doing it’s my sharpness my sweeping edge it’s not happening Mitch shouts a break a sweeping edge last to smite handbrake shutting up.

Last one nope it’s not to be met well which you have to kill a book ton of a matte way yeah.

It’s probably not worth the effort to like you know the amount of f it takes to get looted it’s probably not worth it yeah you said that now we’ve wasted all the iron yeah yeah have you anymore cheeky we’re about 4600 yes okay I’m coming come into the nether wrong side wrong side oh this.

Is where everything goes really dark because let me share does oh well I thought I said this is where everything goes really wrong I’ll be probably that as well to be honest like a rock the Elektra with me so we’ll probably end up losing it in a zip-top we had it for a total of one episode it was a good it was a grave all.

Right we should be that to find the the thingamabobs the Baba me things I love you Carly found one yet have you not call my god this is kind of stick sorry do.

We even have one yet we all have a single one nothing we do do it no but I thought what we could do we could like do what we can in this episode mm-hm and then just in between episodes we get big be over – yeah I said the goal for this episode is to at least get one or two try and.

At least get one I’ve even found a single wither skeleton like her this is gonna be a tough task oddly by the pole breeze you at the land Paul a met baby zombie I’m in above zombie.

Yeah there should be by the call there in nether fortress yes our men by-the-by yeah I’m in the nether fortress mm-hmm okay I’m gonna come on you know we found the other Nevin fortress yeah I actually think that’s probably about them what’s Garlin she had to get there vaguely it doesn’t it work on.

How many like things you kill so if you kill a lot of things around you they should spawn in like I think it’s it might be so far apart I love all right I mean you know we’re no longer.

Far apart right I need some chicken plop us some chicken down there I’ve got a soda it’s so dark I don’t disable a moment I mean what I do you like it kind of disables like the game.

Sounds for some stupid reason so I’m kind of trying not to do it make sense you know no shade there’s no sound is it you obviously I.

Don’t never got someone let me check no I don’t think I’ve got to sell now anyway so let’s just switch it javis come it’s more interesting you know your own weirdos no yeah yeah I do it oh my gosh yeah right so you can help me yeah I.

Led the way oh my goodness now where they up buddy I’ll blow it up they didn’t dude dude dude dude blaze behind this oh there’s nowhere to run like we have been here before.

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