Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge 2016 Solo Fastest Woman Film 3 Of 3

Okay – are an ocean rowing boats took them five hours of going this morning so we don’t know if I should be showing you this but it is it’s nice that I didn’t know fresh water washes where kids had an inch that were clenched of water went a long way cleaned me my solar panels so at the moment.

We have got three point seven knots of wind and I’m going at one point two knots so the check allocation blow it down my coordinates and just make sure we’re going.

The right direction go wheels just is huge beautiful 25 at the same bar and I got some lovely stuff in my my food parcel today and my kids made some great cards and listen Harvey this one here is happy Christmas Celine hope you have a perfect day sleep well roof are lots of love Ali my guy says Lanie love from guy whole Christmas both love monkey shoulder but some shortbread yeah so I’ve actually had a really good day my love.

– mornings and break this type and a slave tipis Carnac nine o’clock it’s gonna go yeah morning morning it’s the morning of the 27th last night was highly.

Entertaining I saw the biggest darkest humongous clouds north of me I’m just I just thought of the 24th when a heart was big when the big swells and I pedaled or not pedal I paddled for four hours to get to the edge.

Of that and I just made it a new where I got a bit of wind again exhausted myself to to exhaustion actually I went to my bed I only go up they eat these winds are just the really plain about me now my.

Basis now beautiful morning these twins should be safe we just eat – living whores Chucky Red Waste yeah morning Happy New Year first to Jannetty today and I really started to change my course heading where snow aren’t you Tina so we’ve got a storm today Wow Wow Wow i defected for and that’s me pretty much in the middle.
Of the atlantic things going.

The right way so and I’ve got something pretty special.

Now I’ve got these students to put in the water their memory stones this one John is my mum that’s my dad John that’s my good on Lily this is a friend of mine Leslie yard all her and mom and dad and Buddha and Steve and then Ali’s grandparents Winifred and Richard Paul I’m gonna get in the water now and these are just gonna sink in next weekend latest 57 earlier but last night I might go hit by a flying.

Fish it’s been absolutely anything it’s just this challenge it’s just some experienced.

I mean yesterday morning was just another classic example of it just blew up and just the wind swell got that serious I can laugh now by a cough it was pretty serious just the size speed of everything is just wow like you know but all good things usually come to an.

End you know I’m pretty much to the end of this journey so I can see Hattie it’s right 35 miles away I’m just oh boy I am.

Wow absolutely incredible and it’s still sinking in it’s just not some hardest hardest challenge above everything and I don’t think anything’s gonna be.

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