Zygarde Pin Collection Box Awesome Pulls!

Hi what’s up guys I am new to give adventures and I’m coming at you with another Pokemon video I am gonna be opening this awesome zygarde pin collection box thing so let’s go ahead and just get into it I went ahead and opened it slightly before let’s just throw that all over let’s take a look at what we.

Have here we have this awesome zygarde promo I love the sparkles of it and then we have our and then we have our three packs in this code good will I.
Give it away yes I will go ahead and have a code there you guys go so as.

You guys know I’m mostly a gaming channel but I do do what I.

Do do I do change don’t poke you on videos from time to time and this happens to be one of them silver gonna go ahead and start with this one we’re gonna start with the breakthrough camera hey okay I’m trying that’s that nerd by the way if you do not know who that is.

Hey guys three three from the back right yes three two – yeah I’ve not done any Pokemon.

Videos in a while we have a doduo HS pen and ink a Bink a Pikachu Magnemite we have a fracture parallel city cking bad reverse and that is an uncommon and we have a smear eagle why do you think funny fact like before I continue my friend her name starts with a P and her last name is.

Chu so we call her peachy oh just a fun fact and another fun fact is that she’s actually Chinese so that makes it like 10 times cuter in my opinion always we have its work on the back for these ones are you what do we have we have a just shush Brendan Wingull stuff all I.

Can pick you the stuff all stuff pop-pop be a zoo Beck metal energy mold away great ball pasen pasen a metapod use hearted Metapod Oh.

Shiny and incinerate GX r are here or smoothies out of the way and let’s see if we can get some last pack magic yeah if.

You guys would like to see more pokemon videos just make sure.

You post wrong box yeah I offered I bought him one as well and he chose wrong scurry probably ooh like I was saying if you want to see yeah mmm baby if you want to see more of these videos definitely let me know in the comments below and I will definitely try to do more of them in the future that is awesome.

That was a really good box just to recap what we pulled here we have a Dragonite Hollow and an incinerator GX is that a full light no no I don’t know how he says hey hey leave that alone it is look how cute he looks he looks like a chubby marshmallow.

Wings he does look at it look at the face it’s like a chubby marshmallow man with wings that’s somehow sparkly but anyways guys apologize for making this video so long if you liked this video make sure to like let me know in the comments.

Below leave a like on this video and subscribe to the channel thank you guys so much for watching I hope you have an amazing day night or evening wherever you are in the world bye guys.

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