Moving Back To Ms & Getting A New Puppy/morning Routine

This is my mother the ones you don’t that’s his grandmother what is up YouTube I am back with another video sorry for the rough appearance me I don’t care but I’ve moved back to Mississippi and for me it’s been the best decision because I couldn’t before where I was living I have a dog his name is coffee bean.

Cockapoo he’s a chocolate sample Merle cockapoo and I was like you know what imma do a routine about basically what I do him so I’m a postback i’ma show you coffee bean this is my baby here hey you smell like a doll right now he’s.

My baby boy my cough cough oh let me see this but cough cough look I put pictures in but.

This is the love of my life right now I love him so much he’s bad nobody ever told me that raising a dog would be like raising a child because he bites because he’s teething he moves around a.

Line he can’t be steel he tears my leg up because I don’t know and nine weeks he’d be humping like his.

Listen so around like five months let me get his box cut off because I can’t do the humping and the marketing of my house basically I’ve just been focused on him let me get back to taking care of my puppy and I’m gonna show you videos of our morning routine together good morning to.
Get up and go potty your feet already Oh he’s.

Potty training so I gotta make sure his schedule is pretty lit tight good job baby boy good job baby boy crazy yeah I love you come on on the back you know go peepee run around a little bit he’s potty.

Using peds around 7 o’clock I’ll let him to be out here feel like 17 in 10 minutes and then he goes and eat and then at 7:30 I take him outside so you use the bathroom no I’m gonna take a nap and I can take a nap cuz this is like a full-time job you know so now I just let me play and I beautiful a little bit it’s too early for me to be playing right now so I just let him do his thing then around like I’m fully active around like 11:30 I guess.

So cuz he’s gonna I’m changing his schedule what you did – well you know he eats at 7:00 to 86 I don’t know why you don’t really eat it’s well but we’re gonna change him up a little bit i’ma work using us out today go potty yeah you’ve been in the crate mommy missed.

You but I gotta train you I gotta come find you a little bit until you potty train stop we’re gonna come in let’s go he’s peeing right now good job good job come on let’s go eat so this little area right here he could just slide through if you really want to yes she.

Does outside so he bout to go a little bit so this is where you sleep I prefer to close the crate as his real be but he’s out body show yourself he can’t.

Be there yeah well he eats taste otherwise a bow baby I don’t know why I got this head of comedy so it’s pretty softly on the toilet wait they.

Ease to PI P 20 minutes lay down for party time it’s time for him to potty potty time a children starting to go back in the house just think he’s trying to find a place to party he’s playing let him do his thing give money for our baby this here is nature’s.

Miracle is a foreign one supreme odor control so he smells like a house I mean he’s a dog he’s supposed.

To smell like a house but he stinks so I spray this on his coat every now and then when he smells bad cuz you’re not supposed to wash it out every day so I wash them once a week sometimes twice.

A week depending on what he got into he’s biting my toe so I have that form and basically these six in a pay he’s already ate three of them it was like three more I mean okay these are his training treats.

Mother’s the ones you don’t grandmother good could it be could it be you calling me down could it.

Be you calling me down could it be you calling me down could it be you calling me down.

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