Learn How To Play Ultimate Frisbee Like A Pro With These 5 Websites

ultimate frisbee websiteUltimate Frisbee has been around for years but in the last few years it seems to have been making a serious resurgence. With so many new players out there, it puts a serious burden on the guys who have been around to try and show these new players how the game needs to be played, and all the basic techniques that are required. Thankfully, there are plenty of websites that can handle this load for the old school players, and help the new guys learn a lot about the game off the field, so on the field they can focus on implementing, rather than learning.

It’s easy to think “I’ve been throwing a disk around since I was a little kid, Ultimate Frisbee should be easy for me”. When I first started playing I certainly thought this. However, as soon as I stepped on field and I realized just how many different ways you can throw a Frisbee, I knew it was time to do some digging for knowledge. At MakeUseOf, we have previously covered GolfMixed Martial Arts and many other sports, so now it is time for us to teach you all about Frisbee.

Best Websites To Learn Ultimate Frisbee

I hope to save you the effort I went through digging around for good Ultimate Frisbee websites by showing you the ones that I have found to be the best.

1. YouTube

Obviously, when trying to learn anything, YouTube is an incredibly valuable resource. It’s not going to be the most organized way to find specific information about Ultimate, but it certainly has a lot of videos. There are some very prolific users on there who are worth subscribing to such as Ultimate Rob and Everything Ultimate.

ultimate frisbee website

The one major thing YouTube offers that can’t seem to be found elsewhere is full games. It is very valuable for new players to watch high level teams play to really get a feel for how they position themselves, and what throws they use in certain situations. Plus, it is downright entertaining!

2. UltiTraining

Their website is not the prettiest to look at, and it doesn’t get updated as frequently as some of the other sites on the list, but they do have a bunch of great articles to help new players learn some techniques. One of my personal favorites is their article about laying out (a layout is a technique for diving to catch a disc).

ultimate frisbee

This article features some great drills for practicing laying out without hurting yourself. After all, in Ultimate Frisbee, style points can be worth just as much as actual goals.

3. Ultimate Handbook

Ultimate Handbook is another great site for techniques, but they take it a step further with a lot of strategy. They are the only site that I have found that features charts explaining the different plays and formations of Ultimate Frisbee. These charts are actually animated, so you can actually see how the play should break down.

ultimate frisbee

One of the most frustrating things for a new player can be to have one of the more experienced players on the field call out a set or a play, like a stack, and have no idea where they need to be. With the information in Ultimate Handbook, they can rectify the situation and learn the plays.

4. Ultipedia

Learn How To Play Ultimate Frisbee Like A Pro With These 5 Websites ultipedia

It’s pretty hard to make a list of the top websites for any topic without including a community based Wiki. The fact is, when enough knowledgeable people get together and share that knowledge, we all win. This is no exception with the Ultipedia. There is pretty much anything you would want to know about Ultimate Frisbee here.

Ultipedia also includes breakdowns of all the rules of Ultimate Frisbee. If you ever want to know how a rule works, this is the place to check.

5. Ultimate Rob

Ultimate Rob is a name that came up during the YouTube section, and while his YouTube channel is great, his website is where the real action is. There is such a wide array of information on his site that is mind boggling.

He has sections for the basics, for advanced players, technique breakdowns for every throw in the game, and even drills and training anyone can do to improve their Ultimate Frisbee game. Ultimate Rob even goes into the psychology behind the Ultimate Frisbee player. I especially enjoy his article about positive feedback for new players.

ultimate frisbee website

Overall, just an incredible website with so much content that is a must stop place for any one who wants to play Ultimate Frisbee.

Now Go Out & Play!

Now you have all the information you need to improve your game at Ultimate Frisbee. So hit the field and implement all these new techniques. For all you pros out there, share these links with some of the new players in your group, and prepare to be much less frustrated by how bad they are.

Do you have any websites you use for Ultimate Frisbee? Share them in the comments!